About Us

The journey of Hungry Yaks started with Photographers of India (POI), which brought together people from distinct backgrounds, armed with different creative skills, but yearning the same thing – to do things differently.

While, POI (which remains our flagship digital asset) has evolved into one of the largest online communities of photographers, visual artists, and explorers in India, Hungry Yaks as a whole has grown into an agency where we create visual content that is disruptive, tell stories that are striking and curate experiences that make us (and you!) stand out.

Our Team

Creative wizards, dreamy storytellers, razor-sharp strategists – we have them all. Our team brings varied skill-sets to create content and experiences that perfectly resonates with your brand narrative.

Shubham Saini

Community Custodian, Photographers of India

Shubham Saini is a well-trained photographer, biker and traveller. At 24, Shubham is one of the youngest community custodians in India and has successfully brought together a community of photographers, videographers, travellers and independent artists across various genres of work.

Manish Misra

Creative Head

Our chief strategy counsel, Manish comes with two decades of experience in marketing and has a proven success record as a start-up strategist and brand elevator.

Nupur Kaul

Content Lead

Armed with a decade of experience in communications and creative storytelling, Nupur is the lead content writer at Hungry Yaks. A post-graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, she has handled campaigns and spun content for brands like Child Rights and You (CRY), Merck for Mothers, Turkish Tourism, amongst others.  

Money Sharma

Honorary Advisor, Visual Content

A fourth generation photographer, Money Sharma brings in his technical expertise and finesse to all our creative campaigns. He is currently associated with one of the biggest global news agencies, AFP (Agence France-Presse) as a Senior Photojournalist.